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How to apply (and how we grade applications)

Your application will consist of two parts: a short writing sample, and a short critique.

The writing sample

This should be a piece of SG1 fanfic you've written, and it should fall between 500 and 1000 words. (A bit of give on either side is allowable, but try to keep it in-bounds.) This can either be a completed shortfic or a selection from a longer work. It should represent the quality of work you think you're producing now.

The critique

Read through our friendly neighborhood example story and write up a critique. (See how to write a critique for more details.)

Email both of these (either in the body of the email or as .rtf or .doc attachments) with your LJ name to sg1.crit @ .

Grading applications is a fairly subjective process. Really, we're not looking for you to be perfect; the entire point of this community is to learn and improve. That said, there's a certain minimum ability you'll need to display before we can help you. As transnomad puts it, "People should demonstrate a proper command of the English language and the ability to present their own work in a somewhat polished form."

You should come into this community with good spelling and grammar, and knowledge of the basic mechanics of a story. We're not talking about the refined details, we're talking about "What's the plot? What's the plot arc? What is tension, and how does it come through? What are the stakes, and what's the mood or tone? Who are the focal characters, who's the protagonist, who or what is the antagonist?"

Your critique should be able to identify the flaws of the example story, gently point them out (and explain why you think they're flaws, if it's necessary), and respectfully suggest ways in which to fix the problems.

If we reject your application--and honestly, we're not looking to reject a bunch of these--we'll do our best to write you a letter explaining why.

If you love to critique but don't write much (if any) fiction, make a not of this at the top of your application and omit the writing sample. (We may look at you oddly if you then go on to try to post fiction, but you can get in contact with us to discuss the matter at any time.)
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