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Mission statement: Why we're here, what to expect, and what we expect

Fanfiction is an attractive place for writers. It's a premade common ground, a place where stories can reach a wide audience and garner a lot of attention and feedback. It's also a place to come to improve; to practice and refine the art of writing.

Unfortunately, the majority of fandom isn't geared toward this. Improving may be a writer's goal, but getting readers to go over stories with a fine-toothed comb and deliver comprehensive, constructive criticism can be a chore. While beta readers--our guardian angels--are out there, little organization exists in fandom specifically to help writers learn, rework and revise.

That is what this community is for.

What to expect from us

This community is designed to bring writers with an eye for critical discussion together. While it's important to know what a writer does well, this is not a community for back-slapping or undiluted praise. The mantra of the crit group is that Everything has room for improvement. If it doesn't, it shouldn't be posted here.

A crit group gives respectful, thoughtful discussion and constructive criticism. If you apply, expect that your stories will be dissected with an eye toward improving them.

What we expect from you

Authors who post here expecting critiques should also expect to critique their peers. Perhaps the best way to develop a critical eye on your own work is to analyze the work of others. The crit group works when writers are also readers and reviewers, and an author who posts often and rarely reviews will be asked to change.

Being in a crit group means you're willing to listen to people point out flaws in your work, and that you're willing to revise or alter your work in response to feedback. We don't expect that you'll make every change suggested without qualification, but we do expect that you'll approach the process with an open mind.

Most of all, we expect that you'll have fun and learn.

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